01. The Montreal International Jazz Festival is holding concerts this weekend in a number of different [venues] downtown.
02. The Olympic games are being held in a number of new [venues] built especially for that purpose.
03. The conference center is the [venue] for the Children's Fashion Show this year.
04. Israel and the P.L.O. have not been able to decide on an acceptable [venue] for the peace talks.
05. The new Velodrome has become the prime [venue] for cycling races on the West Coast.
06. The ski resort at Mount Whistler has become the unlikely [venue] for a major classical musical festival each summer.
07. The Fringe Festival has [venues] set up all over town for nightly theater performances.
08. The old military college is now a popular [venue] for music and arts festivals.
09. The old brick school is an excellent [venue] for the development of a new arts college.
10. The music festival had to be canceled when the principal [venue] was destroyed in a fire.
11. This nightclub is a perfect [venue] for small concerts because it is so intimate, and has excellent sound quality.
12. One of the [venues] for the upcoming Folk Music Festival has been lost due to a fire in a downtown nightclub over the weekend.
13. Cheap prices and sunny beaches have made Portugal into an increasingly popular tourist [venue].
14. The [venue] for the conference has excellent transport and parking facilities.
15. People with disabilities generally receive special discounts at sight-seeing and entertainment [venues] in England.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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